Dress Code

Dress Code

Students and parents are provided with the uniform purchasing information and dress code policy. The dress code is subject to change.  Parents and students are required to sign an acknowledgement of and an agreement to comply with the ASA uniform and dress code policy. 



We take pride in developing the leaders of tomorrow by fostering our student’s respect of and compliance to expectations and policies. To promote that ideal, we ask that students adhere to the following dress code policy.

Where to Purchase:

All uniform garments – shirts, jackets and PE uniforms must be purchased from:  

Costura Certa School uniform store:

Costura Certa   phone: 943.993.939

          Email: costuracerta.angola@gmail.com

Owner: Maria Cecilia Barbedo

  •          Call and make an appointment to visit the store – be sure to get detailed directions to the location. 
  •          Your child can try on a sample to determine the correct size.
  •          Select preferred ASA approved colors and amounts, and place your order, (shirts, jacket, and PE clothes),  
  •          Pay for the order - be sure include the logo design.
  •          Request they call you when the order is complete: pick yourself or request delivery to the school.


ASA Uniform Policy                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • When in the ASA uniform, students are to wear it proudly and respectfully both in and out of school.
  • The uniform consists of solid, single-colored polo shirts in one of the school logo colors with the school logo.   Purchased only from our uniform provider. 
  • Shirts are to be accompanied by slacks, shorts, or skirts.  Preferred colors are solid plain – blue, black, gray or khaki.  (as we find a provider for these, we will implement more uniformity) No Blue jeans, sweat pants, stretch pants, jogging pants, etc.  Shorts or skirts may not be more than 3 inches above the knee, in the above stated colors only
  • Jackets – only wear the jacket purchased from our school uniform provider.
  • Athletic wear - PE uniforms must be worn and are available from our uniform store provider.
  • All clothing must be sized to properly to fit the body.
  • Shirts may be tucked or untucked. If tucked in, a belt must be worn.
  • Shoes must be plain, unadorned and one dark color as much as possible. They should be comfortable, in good repair, and safe. No high heeled, sandals, flip-flops, excessively decorated, or light up shoes.   Plain sneaker / pumps may be worn -  black, white, dark gray, or dark blue.
  • Jewelry or any type of adornment cannot be distracting and must be deemed safe  -  this includes long fingernails, earrings and such ONLY stubs, hair styles and hair color, etc. 
  • The school reserves the right to state what does not meet the dress code. Please do not stretch or break this code.
  • If in doubt, please don’t wear it, please! Check with the Dean if you have questions.

NEW STUDENTS: Newly enrolled students are expected to place their uniform order on or before their first day of enrollment.  (proof may be requested)  New students are expected to comply with the uniform code as closely as possible until their actual ASA uniforms are ready.   

Consequences for those student’s non-compliant with the dress code:

  1.       Student is sent to the Dean’s office
  2.       Parent is called to bring the needed article of clothing - asap
  3.       Student is sent home – returning with compliant attire

NON-compliance to the uniform policy is a big distraction!  Please remember that we have more important educational matters to address, please realize non-compliance takes us away from what we should be doing… making ASA an extraordinary school.   Thank you!

As any “forgiveness” of non-compliance to the dress code creates many additional issues and distractions, please know that this policy must be and will be strictly enforced.